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Would you like to find out why over 360 public libraries, school libraries,
institutions and other centers, are using Lib-Portal platform?
Watch our video "The First Steps Clip". Spending 10 minutes of your time
may present the answer to tomorrow’s critical question –
What is the best way to cater to the needs of a dynamic
and rapidly changed society?

Lib-Portal is a remarkable Cloud Web Environment LMS. It offers powerful cataloguing and search engine platforms. Lib-Portal is the answer to management requirements.
It addresses the present and future needs of modern libraries.
More than 360 public libraries, schools and institutions
found the answer in Lib-Portal. Be a part of the future
Web based, multi-language platform with portal capabilities - ALL IN ONE BOX

Direct access to library site allows patrons to view and perform activities.

Enhanced search engine for catalogue items, using simple or advanced search

Improved work process for library staff; search engine for patrons; notices; reminders; pre-defined interactive reports and a smart report generator

Work on cloud or data center – eliminate costly local infrastructure and daily back-up

User friendly, intuitive work environment through a web browser

Reduced costs for the purchase and maintenance of the LMS

Includes advanced Content Management System (CMS)

Built-in sticker generator

Advanced purchasing system for: budget management, ordering and receiving, cataloging newly acquired items into existing inventory

To view the full list of Lib-Portal libraries Click here
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